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Aarshna Shah, born into a family of scientists, healers, and art enthusiasts, surprised no one
when she started painting even before she started talking coherently. Although, a Chemical
An engineer by education, Aarshna chose to give in to her calling of the arts. Her thirst for
creative expression has led her to learn many crafts. After graduation, she studied
filmmaking at NYFA, LA in 2015. Since then she’s been working full-time as an Assistant
Director in the Indian Film Industry based in Mumbai. She’s been selling her paintings on
commissions since 2008, intermittently throughout her Engineering and Film years and has
finally come out with an open collection of paintings on varied mediums “Colours, Faces &
Moments of Joy”.
She aims to spread happiness through her paintings. Simple as though the goal may be, the
results are profound, as will be testified to, by all her clients.
This is done through energy correcting paintings. Her self evolved technique is a unique
energy conscious one, where she pours out joy and positivity in every piece of art she
creates with the help of meditation and music.
A recipient of her artwork can be sure to experience her art and not just view it.
A word from the Artist :
I wanted to add a little bit of me to this, firstly because it’s crazy to me, that you are
interested in me and my art, and I wanted to thank you; and secondly because every
the artwork is so personal to me, that I want you to know me a little when you take one of them
home with you.
You’ve read the basic details in the bits above, so I’ll get to the point. I paint because it
takes me to a place, mainly of peace and quiet. Where I find myself to be whole and
enough; where I feel safe as if I was being hugged by my mom. I wouldn’t have reached
here, if she hadn’t carried pens & papers in her purse, everywhere we went, so I could
sketch. Parties, family events, theatres — when the outside world got too much, I took
myself out of it and into this.
It means the absolute world to me that they’ve now become full-blown paintings that I am
able to share with you, cause all I really want is for you to feel that hug, and feel that peace,
and I hope that my art brings a smile on your face, every time your eye falls on it.

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