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I studied printed textile design at Manchester where we were encouraged to experiment with colour, texture, and different techniques throughout the duration of the course.

I love to experiment with different techniques and media and work mostly in a spontaneous way, never quite knowing where a piece of work will lead me.  I often use collage as a base for my first layer and work in many layers on top, often scraping and scratching into hidden layers

Variety in media, subject matter, and technique are what spurs me on and I switch between many.  I get my inspiration from colour and texture alongside my imagination and travel.  I particularly love the seasons of Spring and Autumn as the colours in both inspire me in different ways: the delicacy of the pastel shades of Spring and the robust rich rusts, reds, and yellows of the Autumn.

I attended a free embroidery course where I learned to paint with thread and to sew in a free and spontaneous way.  Some of my paintings I have interpreted using freestyle embroidery.  I print from one of my original paintings onto fabric and embellish with embroidery which adds a completely different dimension to the piece.

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