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Born 1968 in Camden Town, London, England. He spent childhood in the Gambia/Banjul in West Africa and Lausanne mainly in Zurich both in Switzerland. From a young age started with sports and beginning to drawing and painting to keep an emotional balance. At the age of 16 left schools to enter the workforce, soon making the way as a mason. After several years start (1987–1988) training in the field of interior design at the new Art School Zurich in Switzerland. (1990–1993) Acquisition of the profession for graduates Dipl. Decoration Painter by Mr. Schmidt Christian in Zurich-Switzerland one of the most renowned specialists in the handling of material, shape, and color nationally and internationally. Fascinated by the craft and the traditional and artistic techniques followed in the subsequent years of employment as a scene and stage painter at the Zurich Opera House and Mr. Humbel Beat a restorer and decorative painter, where the artistic crafts and decorative painting was further deepened. Afterward exercise of contract work and freelance activities as space- and object designer, decoration and stage painter /color designer, and visual artist. (2005–2011) Study and graduated, Diplomas in Color Consulting/-Design as well as prof. BEng. in Color Design Technology (Higher Technical College for prof. Color Design Zurich/Berlin, University of the Arts Zurich, F + F School of Art & Media Design Zurich). Doing creation and art, the exercise of contract work, and freelance activities as color consultant/-designer as well as space and object designer. Abraham Danso lives and works in Zurich, Switzerland.



The Spirit determines the rhythm of everything!

I not only perceive the shapes and the color material as such but also as energetic vibrations. I am aware that the main bearers are much more than just background and light and that people receive, process, and interpret the reflections individually. Therefore, the outer principle of perception is only one way, but energetic and spiritual is another way that can be recognized by feeling. I am sure and believe that I can touch a multitude of people with my kind of artistic work and the desire to “make people happy”. On my way of continuous development from a worker, designer, artist to printer, conscious intellectual work is inevitable. Therefore I see myself in the form of the creator and abstract expressionist, as the bearer and messenger of universal news. Creating and painting is also universal food for the brain, where no right or wrong rules and no limits. Creating and painting are processes that open inner thoughts and stimulate the senses, clarify, reorganize, and fine-tune to recognize and broaden the horizon. “This is not a religious, but a spiritual knowledge that comes from inner necessity.” Finally, I wish to thank all those who have helped me. I will always remember the support you have given me. You know who you are!

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