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Ann is a largely self- taught abstract artist, although she has taken classes and workshops with a few distinguished artists in Ireland. Becoming an abstract artist allowed her to find more joy in the world and within herself. Abstract expressionism interests her, her work is expressionist in nature, and it is her love of colour that inspires her to paint, exploring combinations and trusting her intuition to express herself in an abstract expressionist style.  She is a qualified mindfulness teacher and painting went from a flow activity to a fulltime passion. Her process is to arrive into a flow state where the music she listens to or complete silence to influence her mood to express emotions, desires, moods, and experiences from an intuitive place. She trusts her artistic style to draw the viewer in and allow them to make an emotional connection to each piece.  It has been said that her work has “an isness” quality, which has the definition of “The quality of being; existence as something”. Perhaps it can be said that “the isness” is the richness of her existence now as a painter, expressing her joy and harmony within herself and the world around her.

2017 Art Classes with Michael Gammell RHA @ the School House of Art Enniskerry Co Wicklow.

2017 – 2019 Numerous workshops with Cora Murphy  a  self- taught contemporary landscape painter.

2018    Member of a Coop Amergin Artists a community of artists based in a gallery.
             Annual Exhibitions and hosting exhibition of the Scottish Contemporary Artist Ryan Mutter.

2019   Summer exhibition at Listoke House

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