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Achraf is a Moroccan artist, who discovered his passion for drawing when he was a 10 year old boy. Since then, he started drawing characters from animation series, comic books, and copying with his little hands the wild life that his artistic eyes saw in books.

With time, he managed to learn the basics of this art. However, and because of school commitments, his artistry journey knew a hiatus, before coming back on track in 2016, and with force this time, as he decided to take art more seriously, and take his skills to the next level with his pencil, and charcoal drawing techniques.

In fact, the success he got in his studies and career as a Software Engineer, boils down to the art he makes, that helped him develop a certain sense of focus and creativity.

Recently, and during lockdown, Achraf seized the opportunity of his free time to learn other techniques, and found his new passion in acrylic painting as a new medium.

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