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I was born in Salamanca, Spain. I have studied drawing and painting in “Escuela de Nobles y Bellas Artes de San Eloy”, a school `picture more than two centuries old, and,  in “Academia Cibeles”, both in Salamanca. Moreover, i Worked in an art gallery “ARTIS”, in Salamanca too. There I met many painters and I learnt from all of them.

Like many painters I started doing a realistic painting, but over time I evolved towards a more abstract painting, where the colour creates the form.


I have presented many exhibitions, group or solo, and taked part in many contest.

Since three years and I’m collaboration with art gallery “ORFILA”, in Madrid, Spain.



Galería Artis: group exhibition 1997, 2003, 2009.

          Solo exhibition 2001, 2014.

Galería Annia: solo exhibition: 2010, 2015.

Galería Varron: group exhibition: “Young artists from Salamanca” 1997.

              Solo exhibition: 1998.

Ateneo de Salamanca: solo exhibition: 2006.

Galería Estudio Peyronceli, Madrid:  solo exhibition: 2004.

Galería “Paz Feliz”, Madrid: solo exhibition: 2007.

Old Church of “Pizarrales”, Salamanca: solo exhibition: 2016.

CMI “Julián Sáchez El Charro”, Salamanca: solo exhbition: 2018

In 2019 I taked part in the contest “FRESH LEGS”, of galleri HEIKE ARNDT. Unfortunately, I went out in the third, and last, round.

My exhibitions have been commented in Press, both in paper and digital format.

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