Violin player 30x24 oil on canvas 800 po



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My paintings can be divided into categories, figurative, portrait, landscape, and still life. I paint in an expressive style. I believe my paintings have an atmosphere and dark emotional quality. My portrait drawings are all done from life. My still lifes are also done from life. My landscapes and seascapes are done from memory and imagination. I try and make my site lives come alive as well as making the eye move around the canvas by using color and composition. Sometimes with portraits, I will use my imagination and try to create a painting like the three faces which I believe brings my paintings into the surreal. I believe the painting I included of the blue figure is also surreal


Exhibition History I am a graduate of the Fine Arts Department at Concordia University in Montreal Canada. My major was painting. My painting instructors were Molinari and Tom Hopkins Have also taken workshops with contemporary artists Elaine Despin, Robert Pietrantonio, and Antonine Bittar. Some other artists I admire are Lucien Freud, Winslow Homer, American Ann Gale, and the German Expressionist painters among others.


2015 2 week exhibit at Galerie di Colori (group show) 87 Rue Saint- Anne-de -Believue

2016 Journeys through health care (Juried Art Exhibit) Juried show held at MUHC Hospital Montreal, Canada

2017 Have a painting on display at Cedars Cancer Center Gallery MUHC Hospital

2017 Solo art exhibit at Club Sportif MAA Montreal Canada

2020 Upcoming show Beaconsfield library


Donate a painting each year to Cancer Center MUHC Hospital which is auctioned off to raise funds for cancer research

Donate painting as well to my old high school which is auctioned as well to raise funds for the school

Have paintings in private collections in Montreal

Have a painting in the permanent collection of the MUHC hospital in Montreal. It hangs in the cancer pavilion

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