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Agita Makevica was born in one of the most beautiful places in Latvia - Liepaja city. Right on the coast of the Baltic Sea. She began drawing from an early age and received her first art education at The Children’s Art School of Liepaja. From then till adulthood she continued to develop her artistic skills through self-learning. In 2012, Agita graduated from The University of Economics and Culture in Latvia with Bachelors degree in Interior Design.

For the past nine years, she has been living in Scotland and continues to discover her artistic style in drawing and painting. Agita likes to experiment with various techniques and materials to create unique pieces of work. For the most part, she’s interested in creating abstract artwork because it invites people to look at the objects from different and unexpected perspectives. Agita likes to think that art is like an elixir for the soul that can help achieve a meditative state connecting one to the infinite universe.

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