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Agnes is a self-taught emerging artist whose abstract paintings have captured the

attention and admiration of thousands of artists and art enthusiasts on

Instagram. Many galleries from different countries have offered representation in

New York, Rio de Janeiro, Paris, Milano and Laguna Beach, California. On Instagram under her artistic name, Agnes California (agnesabstractart), she has gained an audience of more than 14,000 followers in less than a year. She has recently started

to use YouTube as another platform in order to introduce others to her work.


Agnes’s styles are abstract expressionism and minimalism. Her paintings are often

described as “full of energy”. By using amazing color combinations and heavy textures as her inspiration, her work is always recognized by both.


Her beloved paternal grandfather was an artist. As a young child, she would sit

with him for hours and hours watching him as he painted beautiful flowers. They

would also regularly visit art exhibitions on Sunday afternoons.


Agnes believes her childhood experience has played an important role in

developing her love for art. She loves to paint abstract not only for adults but for

children, as well. Agnes thinks that it’s very important to introduce abstract art to

children at a young age because children do not have preset ideas as to what art should look like.

Agnes is currently represented by,

        Five3gallery Laguna Beach, California, USA

        Hansford and Sons Fine Art, London, UK

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