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Agnès Sheikh is a French artist, living in Dubai. Art teacher for Middle and High
school, she dedicates her time between her work and her paintings. At the
beginning of this global pandemic, she realised that she was no longer satisfied
with the “unintentional” component linked to “Fluid Art”. Instead, her mind was
forcing her to “control” more and more the surface of the canvas, the techniques,
the colours…

Since April 2020, a swing has appeared, lonely, sometimes visible and
sometimes almost invisible. Whether featured still or in motion, it symbolises this
period of time where everything has been questioned and where the
future remains uncertain. This series that she is currently working on -
“Resilience”- emphasizes the pain, the loss, the loneliness… At the same time,
the presence of the swing acts as a catharsis, releasing negative emotions and
leading to the restoration and renewal of feelings.
Using only acrylics, Agnès plays with paints and inks, their opacity and
transparency and the different consistencies that she creates. Various tools
offer distinctive effects. These paintings allow her to relate to Nature and spiritual
thoughts, contrasting with the impact of this pandemic in our lives and minds. The
swing is always glued on the canvas as the final touch.

In her new series “Papa”, Agnes wants to emphasize the loneliness and the lost of
“normality” for older people, due to the pandemic. It is directly related to her
father, who just turned 93, leaving in a retired home in France. Life has changed
dramatically for him since the pandemic. Locked in due to health issues, the
impact on the mind is tragic, and interactions in any forms with the “outside”
world become a dream.

“Papa #1”celebrates the ability for the mind to dream and as a result, soothes the
pain of this loneliness endured day after day.