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Aimee Jones is a Welsh portrait artist whose work is influenced by successful public figures.

Jones has a Bachelor of Arts Degree and completed her studies at the University of
South Wales, UK in 2017. Jones then went on to study her teacher training at Cardiff
University and graduated in 2018. Jones has exhibited in London, Plymouth, Cardiff,
Cardiff Bay, Swansea and Trefforest.

In 2019 Jones made the shift to move from creating ceramics and sculpture to
painting. Jones’s learned of Carol Dweck’s mindset and realised that she had a fixed
mindset when it came to painting after being told by a teacher at school that she
could not paint, she believed that for many years and spent her degree creating
sculpture. Jones’s mindset on painting developed in 2019 into a growth mindset and
she has not looked back since.

Jones paints public figures after being inspired by Lady Gaga’s inspiring Oscar speech
about hard work and not giving up, which came at a time where Jones wasn’t
inspired by the work she was creating and wanted to do exactly that when it came to
Art “give up”.

That change in mindset, Oscar speech and one night in the studio painting changed
the path of Jones’s work.

Jones’s paints successful people in the public eye and shares the stories of their
struggles before becoming successful in hope that if one person feels like giving up,
they can take inspiration from a familiar face and know that sometimes you have to
face your biggest struggles to have your most successful days.

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