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Born in 1981 in Beaumont Texas AJ Rojas is a stay at home dad who found his artistic talent through the unique and natural characteristics of the limestone rocks that surround most of Central Texas. Staring deep into theses rocks day after day, AJ thought to himself “ What a beautiful form of figurative and abstract art, what if I paint these rocks and bring images to life with color and context?” After this initial idea and painting hundreds of rocks, he has since evolved to bring these images he sees in the rocks onto canvas. By doing this he is able to transfer the beauty he found in his rocks into an all encompassing art experience that plays with perception while using color and form to evoke emotion from within.


Dabbling into Geometric Abstraction from time to time, AJ’s process typically begins with unrehearsed irregular or straight lines placed throughout the canvas. After the initial line placement, he uses his own unique perspective to look into the random lines and find the hidden images he created from his subconscious. Once an appealing image is found he tweaks the images into form, then adds colors to the canvas with much thought and process. Some say his finished paintings create a viewing experience that balances on a fine line between Surreal and Abstract Art.


Besides color choice and placement, one of the most important features of AJ’s work is the idea that no matter the name, no mater what he paints or sees, he always leaves a window open for the viewer to create their own experience with his art. He has always felt that the viewers perspective of his paintings is of equal importance as his own. Therefore while he paints, he works around the canvas in a way that creates relevant perspectives depending on orientation. As he describes it in his own words “I create the art, but you create the experience”.


Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery

Patterns, Textures and Forms Art Exhibition, October 2019

3rd Place – 3 Dimensional for 'Drag Queen'

Hon. Mention – Paint & Other Media for 'A Point In Time'

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