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A self-taught artist originally from India, now based in Israel, Akanksha is an intuitive artist, captures the emotions and her thoughts about life on canvas.

She believes one can express themselves through art to either find themselves again or to understand their own state of mind or just release what they are holding on to.
Born in India, she has been exposed to values systems, varied cultures, emotions, dram and action. This palate of elements adds an oomph factor when she paints as is not scared of going wild, excessive or emotional in her art.
People who love her work connect deeply to it as they feel the depth of similar emotions floating in them as well. Whether it is taking classes to help people release unexpressed emotions if they feel stuck, or creating an artwork, her paintings generally give a strong sense of hope that you want to take away home with you.

Her purpose is to motivate as many souls to interact with colour and express themselves to keep going on smoothly in their lives. She believes colours and strokes have a story to tell which sometimes we ourselves don’t know.
She also works with watercolour and is a calligraphist.  
She is continuously producing new artworks and very grateful to take commission

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