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Amogh was born and raised in the foothills of the Himalayas in India. Growing up in a traditional Indian household, he was encouraged by his parents to become an engineer or a doctor. He followed his parents’ wishes and went to school, graduating with a degree in Engineering. His career as an engineer provided numerous opportunities for Amogh to live and experience cultures in various countries and continents. Eventually these travels took him to Canada, more specifically Calgary, Alberta where he now lives.

With his busy career and life, it did not leave Amogh time to practice his art. He knew that deep inside of him, his inner artist was calling. Not having had any formal art training, he experimented with various styles and techniques. Over time he found his niche. Combining acrylic paint, gesso, and coloured pastels, Amogh approaches each with no pre-determined ideas or concepts.

Comparing his painting technique to looking for images in the clouds, Amogh begins with a blank canvas. As he layers on the initial coat of paint to create texture and colour, he starts to see shapes and figures emerge from the paint. This is the foundation from which his paintings develop. With freedom, his open-minded approach brings, his art takes on a life of its own. From the images Amogh initially sees his paintings take on stories, issues, and experiences to which others can relate.


2015 - Live painting at PETA Charity event

2017 -Exhibition Impact Pictures
2018 - Exhibition Calgary Creative Arts Guild
2019 - Exhibition Calgary Creative Arts Guild

2019 - Other Art Fair Dallas

2019 – Federation of Canadian Artists Exhibition

2020 – RAW Artists Calgary

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