Alberto was born in May 1993  in northern Italy, where he lives and works.


CV: Conte Verde Museum "Tra astrazione e figurazione" (Torino) 04 / 2020

       Drovetti Art Space Center "Contemporary Art Expò" (Torino) 09 / 2020

       VanDerPlas Gallery "A visual culture" (New York) Incoming 03 /2021


-Artist statement: I independently developed my artistic learnings; my creative process takes place through the mixing of different mediums around figurative elements, letting layers creates new forms shape after shape, as if I live inside a "flow" that I feel vibrant when I'm in the studio.
I work with any type of surface and I make pigments by myself trying to emulate the solitary and dominant action of the Platonic Demiurge in every step of my creation process finding always a new balance between figurative and informal.

-I work on commissioned paintings too. Always ready to explore the unknown!

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