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My art has been described as "sculptures on canvas". In the past 10 years I have been working on using different approaches on my works, experimenting new materials and techniques, through the reconstruction of the canvas itself, working on new forms, lights, shadows, movements, colours.

The main concept of my works is a study and expression of the human consciousness and the process of our minds behind every single thought,
and how we are experiencing time and space.

My art is constantly reshaping itself, trying to find and identifying the true identity and meaning of our existences and lives.

I believe it is up to all of us, in every kind of expressions, to elevate our lives from the materialistic needs and possessions and it is crucial to raise to a state of cultural and spiritual values, with my work I am projecting my perception of connection between human beings and the universe.

Due the limitation of our senses and the limitation of our capacity to handle knowledge, I believe there are many realities that surround us that we cannot
perceive; art, in any forms and levels, is a gate to the truth...

or at least one of them.

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