Alevtina Caravona spent her childhood in Ukraine and her teenage years in Moscow. Her professional background is an artist, fashion stylist and a model. She graduated from 'Institute Marangoni' with Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Styling, with a focus on graphic design and Art History. Later, she continued her art studies at Heatherley School of Fine Arts, with a focus on oil painting portraits. In her oil paintings, she uses real life experiences, live models, music, and personal interests to reflect spiritual and environmental energies that surround us all; she feels that portrait could be a reflection of the soul. Her digital paintings use the same old master techniques used in oil; some of which was initially inspired by Leonardo Da Vinci. Alevtina's favorite artists are Michelangelo, Caravaggio, Johannes Vermeer and Frida Kahlo, Each of her creations start with real life sketches, but finish with the usage of a full spectrum of pastel, neon and bold colors in oils . Sometimes she thinks that the paintings have a life of their own . 'Art feels like an infinite field of possibilities, in which I would like to project for other'.


- Fusion V Contemporary art show curated by The Cult house : 27 - 31 of March 2019
- Parallax Art Fair at Kensington Town Hall: 5 -7 of July 2019
- Emerging Artist Platform exhibition curated by Hansford and Sons a Hoxton 253 Gallery on 21 of December 2019


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