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I am a 17 self-taught Moldovan aspiring artist from Chisinau city. My goal is to express emotions through my paintings.


I still remember the excitement of holding coloured pencils and drawing on tons of paper because I loved the wave of pleasure I received during the creative process and it persisted since childhood.


I didn't go to art school, but I did take some classes. I inherited my ambition for art from my father, and with practice, time, and effort, I arrived at a point where I am ready emotionally to express my feelings on a canvas.I tried several techniques, styles, but still, I was always drawn back by nature. The immensity of the sky, those beautiful flowers, amazes me, so I chose to rely on what makes me radiate. I wanted to express that moment of natural beauty which most of us forgot about.


Yes, I am a beginner, yes I don’t have that much experience, but I have ambition. At the moment, I’m really enjoying painting with acrylics and especially with oils. I can for sure say that I have a long road ahead as an artist and I’m ready.

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