Alexandra is an artist originally working from New York City, currently living in Portland, Oregon. She received her BFA in Photography at the School of Visual Arts in 2014. Her work suggests the impermanence of reality, memory and self, reminding us that what we see is never pure fact, but a collage of memories, experiences, feelings, and perspective projected outward to color the world and our movement in it. These images spring from a moment of color and shape that seems to have been captured mid-motion; a sense that this is one chance of an effervescent happening, in which a millisecond of difference would have revealed an entirely different tableau.

Layers of light expand and distort themselves to question our perception of space and explore the idea that no moment is ever static in time, nor is reality ever objective. We exist in and through a layered multiplicity of modes and temporalities. What we visualize behind our eyes can be more real than what we see in the physical world.

Also fundamental is the concept of layering and what that represents - inviting us to peel back layers of our own understanding, experience, and perception to wonder and challenge what lies below the obvious surface and what we accept as real.


Her yoga and meditation practices are interwoven into her artworks: allowing both art and meditation to be a study of the self and how we understand ourselves and the world. Navigating the layers of reality and memories within ourselves, and sifting through layers of representational things to instead be immersed in shapes and colors, allowing the viewer to meditate upon what they see and feel, rather than me telling them what to look at.

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