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"In art, one must be curious and bold!"

Alexandra Huelbach is a contemporary artist living and working in Cologne, Germany.

During her law studies in Cologne and Capetown (S.A.), she began her private art studies in 1991 in Cologne (Cologne Art School; various workshops in nude painting and free painting with Gaby Ludwig). She lived temporarily in South Africa and France (Paris) and during this time she intensively studied the

art (-history) of the country.

Art is a journey into ever new worlds, there is no narrowness, no constraints and no
framework. And this is exactly how she lives her art - the materials are diverse, the motifs range from nudes to abstract paintings, and both are often combined. She likes to try out new techniques. materials and follows new impulses.
The abstract works are spaces of emotions and often little stories.
And so an abstract painting sometimes takes weeks or months to develop because the story has not yet been told. Layer upon layer and often parts remain hidden. The viewer should discover his own story in it and follow his impulses.

"Art is as personal as a diary."