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Sometimes life changes from one moment to the next without any notification. For me, it was two and a half years ago when my son was afflicted with heavy flue and I was stuck at home for three weeks nursing him as a single mother.


Feeling deeply lonely and frustrated, suddenly out of the blue I had the deep wish to become creative and to paint.


As I always listen to my inner voice, I immediately bought everything that was required for my first painting. From that moment on, I never stoped painting, creating sculptures and installations in numerous ways, forms and materials.


Everything is achieved through various inspirations that have touched my attention, including spiritual, emotional and intellectual



Until now I do have 84 pieces done.


Although I did not study art as a child, I enjoyed acting classes that developed my creative mind. Life and my soul had

been my teacher.


My artwork moves between heaven and hell, life and death, joy and pain which life inevitably  brings with it.

All this symbolizes precisely the cross for me.

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