Alexandra Lavizzari is from Switzerland but has spent most of her life traveling and living in various Asian countries before she finally settled down in Somerset in 2009. Originally a writer she has published several novels and literary essays in German, her native language, and only painted occasionally. Recently though, she rediscovered this art form and is now busy catching up lost time by painting and drawing on a more regular basis. She mostly works in pastels, acrylics, and oil but is also very interested in art photography and creating art with natural materials such as petals, seaweed, feathers, and mineral pigments. Painting for her means exploring the interaction of colour and form in order to create particular moods. She finds the painting and photographing a very challenging and rewarding alternative to writing and is glad that the Somerset countryside gives her so much inspiration.
Alexandra Lavizzari has exhibited in various local venues such as The Brewhouse in Taunton, The Old Brick Workshop in Wellington, Crowcombe Church House, Taunton Library, and Somerton Town Hall.
Her work is currently exhibited at 'Talent Gallery' in Wellington and 'Breeze Gallery' in Williton.
Her studio in Wellington (108, Mantle Street) can be visited by appointment.


Award: Winner of Artists and Illustrators Uk’s ‘Springtime Competition’ in May 2020.


Upcoming Event: Participating in Somerset Open Studios (Sept. 19th – Oct. 14th, 2020)

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