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Alexandra Ross is a multimedia artist based in rural Manitoba. She holds a B.F.A at the University of Manitoba’s School of Art (2020) with concentrations in clay, photography and print, as well as B.A (Hons) with concentrations in sociology, theatre, and music from Providence University College (2010). Alexandra mounted her first solo exhibition at the Steinbach Cultural Arts Centre (2015) and has since participated in a number of group exhibitions and solo shows primarily in Manitoba, Canada. In 2018 Alexandra was awarded Undergraduate Research Award (2018) completed under artist and professor, Grace Nickel.

Raised by unconventional parenting, Alexandra was “unschooled” during her childhood and adolescence and grew up in Georgia, Arizona and Costa Rica, never spending more than a few years in one place. Along with maintaining an art practice Alexandra works in the field of frontline crisis and in a carpentry shop. This professional experience combined with her unconventional childhood has produced an art practice that centres around themes of chaos and emergent order. Specifically, she explores themes of human environmental impact and adaption. Inspired by Dadaist collage and assemblage, Alexandra’swork is sculptural and uses the mediums of clay and found objects with elements of photography and print.

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