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The sea is the source of all life. Art is a way of appreciating this. If you read on now, it is a sign that you are enthusiastic about the same things as the artist - unique art around the sea that we love. Alex Blaschke has only recently been living on the North Sea coast, drawn from the love of the sea. His works, in acrylic and watercolor, show, mostly in abstract form, the filigree beauty and the associated vulnerability of the seas. The feeling of freedom awakens and at the same time, you become aware of the insignificance of the little person.


Alex Blaschke has been magically attracted to the sea since childhood. He is a coastal child in the heart. His memories of the sea go back to his childhood and still influence his work today.

Not only the sight of the sea has always fascinated the artist, but also all the stories it knows to tell. The sea has countless facets and sides to discover. Good and less good. This is exactly what the artist tries to capture in his work. The beautiful sides that motivate you, again and again, bring you to rest and reveal your freedom as far as your eye can see. The secrets, the depths, a world from which all life on earth came into being, and a world that people know how to destroy - a point that moves the artist even more to bring the wonderful world of the seas and oceans closer to people.


Alex Blaschke is committed to protecting the oceans and wants to make other people aware of the uniqueness of the oceans, which must be protected and preserved, through his art. Every work of art contributes because 10% of every sale goes directly to Sea Shepherd Germany. Convinced that together we can make the world a little bit better.

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