I quite get the idea of what should be written in this paragraph. There should be the biography of the artist as close as possible to the labels which people usually assign to artists.

    Something like «he was born blessed. With a brush in elegant hands. Painted since early childhood, attended art school, get higher art education at 23. He organized more than a dozen successful exhibitions, received worldwide recognition…» just like Picasso from birth.

    No. That’s not my story. I got it all in a different way. I do not paint, I create. And I do so because I want to, not cause I was taught to. Because it makes me feel good. This is my freedom.

    I do not have a lot of fascinating recommendations and rewards but what I do have and consider to be the most important - is the delight of creating something that would astonish people who look at it. If one gets the pleasure of contemplating the pictures, only then I’ve done everything right. Luckily I got only rave reviews. And that is exactly why of more than 500 pictures right now I have at my disposal only a few.

    I sincerely hope that you will enjoy my work, and it will be impossible to forget.

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