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Al Gord is an up and coming artist in the Toronto, Canada art scene. He is a self-taught artist who combines acrylic paint and sheet music to create edgy rock musician inspired portraits. He has been a featured artist in the United Kingdom’s Niji Magazine and he has exhibited his work in shows in Milan and Toronto, as well as contributing to charity shows in New York, South Carolina, Australia, London, and Scotland.


His style is best described as Post Modern Figurative Expressionism, with a focus on Rock Music Icons inspired by song lyrics and titles. Other series include his “Renegades and Revolutionaries” line focusing on iconic “rebels” and his “Women of Rock” works which are sensual and edgy portraits inspired by rock songs about women. His technique and style is unmistakable; one which draws the viewer into the various elements at play; yet which seamlessly blend together to create a sense of balance and harmony in his work in his work.


With his series of Rock Music Icon paintings, Al hopes to challenge the viewer to dig past an image of a famous face and into a deeper understanding of each artist represented. His pieces recreate an original image of the artist, one which displays the musician in an iconic pose that is truly distinctive to that artist. Al hopes that his work promotes conversation, as people search to make their own meaning of the work, while at the same time seeing the musician in a whole new light.


The title of his pieces are a significant part of the painting, as they are based on either a song title or a lyric that reflects the message of the work and which serves to heighten the emotion of the piece. For fans of the musician, this helps them to further the connection to the piece. For viewers who may not be as familiar with the artist, the title helps to draw them in, as they begin to learn about the artist and the significance of the song-painting narrative.


Through his use of varying colours and techniques, as well as sheet music, Al creates a distinct and fragmented background. He works to create a sense of equilibrium and unity, as his dynamic compositions draw the viewers into a focal point, but do not allow the viewers’ eyes to get stuck in one place. The lines and abstract splatter in the background create a sense of movement and rhythm, and perhaps even visual depictions of sound and emotion.


For the main subject of each piece, Al uses a lot of black to depict the outlines and shadows in each portrait, which gives his work an almost street art effect; however, it is not overdone. The colours in the works are carefully chosen to help elicit certain feelings and emotions; to let the viewer create their own narrative. His stylistic interplay of expressionism, realism, pop art, street art and abstractedness, allows Al to create a sense of balance and harmony, while eliciting the strong energy and raw emotion conveyed in rock music.

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