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I am native of the Canton Ticino and I am currently attending a master study in geology at the University of Fribourg. I have always been passionate about arts. I like to express my feelings and my passions through drawings, paintings, pictures and other creations. What matters to me is that my artwork conveys a message and stimulate emotions. I like the idea of merging art into everyday life and combine the functionality of an object with creativity.

That's why I decided to make myself available: to transform your objects and turn them into inspiring new things for you. In this web site you can find some of my artwork, such as furniture, cell phone and laptop covers, but also drawings and paintings. Don't forget to have a look at the section dedicated to photography, my other great passion.

Interested? Just contact me for more information! I’d love to develop an artwork concept with you in order to give new life to some old object of yours, or to create something totally new.