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Allen Sovelove is a painter living in Rockaway, NJ, USA. Growing up, Allen was always painting and drawing. He attended East Carolina University and graduated with a BFA in painting. While at ECU, he also drew cartoons for the school newspaper and deejayed at the school radio station. Allen also studied painting at the Vermont Studio School in Johnson, VT. Since graduating, he has shown his artworks occasionally in galleries in New York and Pittsburgh. Outside of art, Allen has worked in marketing, market research and web design for the past 20 years. In his free time, Allen likes to go fishing or play his guitar.

Artist Statement
I love to paint. In fact, I am a bit obsessive about it. I paint constantly and usually have several paintings in progress at any given time. When I’m not painting, I’m probably doodling, and some doodles end up as full-scale paintings. Each painting is a unique expression of a thought or feeling. While I may work in one style or another, I feel that all the paintings go together like a patchwork quilt. I try to express a spirituality in my paintings while exploring the beauty in everyday scenes or the simple elegance of lines and color. The titles of my works are an important part and give the viewer a way into the piece, a clue, a hint at its meaning, and something to think about while they are viewing it. While my paintings tend to be small to medium sized, they pack a big punch with bright colors and dynamic paint application.

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