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My name is Altea De Luca and I am here to change the art world with the tips of my fingers. I am going to continue painting for the rest of my life or at least as long as I will be able to use my hands. I am interested in two things: 1. Helping humanity think of animal’s importance in our earth and 2. Getting my paintings changing strict and severe rules of art.

When I see an artwork that takes my breath away I feel in a new dimension of hyperreality and this empower me to believe that I can do something extraordinary too.

I see a new artistic era on the horizon.

It will be an era where nature and animals are main themes of paintings.

I call this instinctive art: to be an instinctive artist means to revel in beauty and colour. It is allow the work of art to make you feel into a fantastic world, foreign to life and history with a vivid anti-naturalistic chromaticism.

I want my art to express my interiority and feelings with the power of colours.

I want my art to communicate the most important message that we are not separate from the animals and plants.

I want my art to communicate my rebel Soul.

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