Alysa Melton is an American self-taught abstract artist based in Oregon. Alysa has always loved creating; ever since her early elementary school days. In April of 2020, she started taking her art seriously due to her extra free time during the COVID-19 pandemic. What started from pure boredom and curiosity turned into something bigger than Alysa could imagine. Alysa says, “Along the way, I started finding meaning in my work. I started expressing my emotions and memories through my paintings.” For example, her “Family” series started off with the feeling of nostalgia and allowing her inner child to come out and play. After finishing the first piece in the series, “Full of Light and Love,” she automatically knew she needed to add both a “Mother,” and a “Father” piece. Every child needs and deserves a strong foundation and loving parents.


She primarily uses acrylic paints in her bigger pieces, but during her free time, she loves mixing media. Some of Alysa’s favorite media are acrylic, ink, pastel, and watercolors.

Alysa wants to bring value to other people’s lives through her art. Her goal is to bring emotion to her audience. Whether that be nostalgia, hope, happiness, calmness, and you may even self-identify with her pieces. She focuses on creating a connection with her audience and bringing them lightly through her work. She typically draws abstract faces and figures, but every once in awhile likes to throw in some flowers. As Alysa is just starting her journey in sharing her work, she invites you to explore her work and let it wash you over with happiness and light.

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