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Born in Belgrade, Serbia on October 1st, 1993, Ana Bogdanovic spent her formative years while finishing high school in the United States. She went on to continue her studies at the Cardiff Metropolitan University in the United Kingdom, graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Business Studies.

   Ana’s passion for the arts traces back to her childhood and continued to develop as she did. She published her first work in April 2019, catching the interest of the Belgrade public and greater art community. She went on to hold many exhibitions in the following year, three of which being solo exhibitions titled “Intuition”, “Sparkle” and grand art show “Apocalypse”. Her skills as a painter further developed while attending workshops of famous artists both in New York City and Belgrade.


As an abstract artist, my aim is to break down the barriers of the art industry’s traditional hierarchy by challenging human assumptions and observations. The art work that I make is a daily endeavour of lending both my art and my physicality to the viewer’s gaze, which I find enhances my overall vision.

     I enjoy creating textured, large-scale pieces using raw materials, through mix-media techniques, evoking elements of free expression and industrialism.

     Working on any given series, I employ a thematic method with a focus on texture and form. Employing rich colour pallets and dynamic movement and dimensions allows me to be at the mercy of the event—making the process itself as significant as the product. The materials I use never manifest the same way twice, while also leaving a hauntingly signature style. It’s an undertaking that is both physically and emotionally demanding, with the reward manifesting itself in the end-result.

  I strongly believe that the process of creating art is about expressing one’s internal energy into a significant piece - feel yourself alive while diving deep into my art.

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