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Born in Málaga, in the sunny South of Spain, art surrounded Ana Flores since the cradle, as her father, Juan Flores, was also a painter. She grew up always observing his superb skills, and she owes him her creativity and her vivid need for creation, which are intrinsic to her and a distinctive trait of her personality.

Great connoisseur of the world of art, tireless worker, and always learning, she focuses and strives every day in her work as a painter at her studio, “Taller de Arte”, where she also leads a reduced group of students and teaches them masterclasses.

With her works of art, you get captivated in a oneiric world; they tell you stories, they open your mind and they invite you to interpret emotions. Every brushstroke in her paintings inspires seduction and emotion and it is full of dreams and beauty.

Individual Exhibitions in Málaga

Three exhibitions at the Psychology College (University of Málaga)

La Cochera Cabaret Cultural Centre

Gastrobar La Casita

Gastrobar Tabanco

Café La Calle de Bruselas

Javier Román Art Gallery


Collective Exhibitions

Collective YO Expongo (Museum Reina Sofía, Madrid, Spain)

Museum of Contemporary Art (Guadalajara, Spain)

Centre of Musical Creation El Hangar (Burgos, Spain)

CC Montjuic Art Gallery (Barcelona, Spain)

Art and Breakfast, 2018 Edition

Octubre Picassiano (Javier Román Art Gallery, Málaga, Spain)

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