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Being born and raised in France, having lived in South America, Spain, China and Austria, Anaïs Camille considers herself a Third Culture Kid and contemporary artist.

Her biological roots are both in Austria (father) and in Madagascar for being raised by a Malagasy mother who incorporated this special culture in her children's education.

This duality had a strong influence on her visions of the world and on her creations as an artist, as both cultures were represented in her work straight away.

Her grandfather was the one who first introduced her to the arts, letting her sit with him while showing her different painting techniques or handcrafts he used to do.

Furthermore, Anaïs learned that the Malagasy naturally and artistically create many objects by hand, which triggered her inner desire for always finding new techniques for her pieces of art. Her European side is often reflected by the motives she chooses.

Later on, Anaïs decided to join an art community in Vienna, where she was able to take painting classes and had the chance of participating in several art exhibitions.

Anaïs is still as fascinated by the act of creating as she was as a little child, and she loves to describe it as "making an idea come alive".

She gets inspired by emotions and constantly evolves between different techniques as well as switching between abstract motives and figurative art. With her open mind and heart, Anaïs is looking forward to expressing more of the fire inside her. 

Out of nothing, something was created.




Art exhibition at the art community in Lower Austria



“NÖ Tage der Offenen Ateliers” (Art Exhibition Open Day in Lower Austria) on the 17th & 18th of October 2020

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