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Anda Marcu is a multidisciplinary artist based in London, Ontario, Canada. Her work has been exhibited in numerous galleries internationally over the years and is part of private collections across North America and Europe.

“My abstract paintings aim to project memories into shapes and bursts of color, exploring my fascination with textures and form. My work is about freezing a moment in time, about the constant crave for pausing and rediscovery.

Most times, memories appear fused, blending into each other - confusing or imagining details, ignoring their chronological adjacency. As a whole, memories occupy a symbolic space juxtaposed on the general background of being. I find that connecting different textures, shapes, and colors resemble the way our most treasured memories of places and people are being stored and recalled: rarely whole and linear, mostly rearrangements of contiguous fragments.

With some memories being fragile and fleeting, I feel like I am partly embarking on my very own quest of searching for lost time.”

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