Parrot mixed media on canvas 90cm 90 cm



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Andreia Ioana Cismasiu is a Romanian mixed media artist. She started painting back in 2004, one year after graduating The University of Art and Design from Cluj Napoca, Romania, her home town. She become a mixed media artist because of her love for both photography and painting.. The main subject of her works is the woman. The poetic, dreamy, combinations of shadows with light, bright colors with dark colors, decorative patterns, symbols are some of the characteristics you find in her art. The woman in her art is the representation of herself, as well as the universal woman's representation. Her lost and found ego, her lost and found happiness, her lost and found shine are present in her works. Portraits of women, shapes of the woman's body, talk about her motivation of self discovery. The works speak about dreams, illusions, fantasy, innocence, sin, they talk of the spirit of a forever seeker of beauty and joy. Life and love is her inspiration.

Symbols, fantasy worlds, decorative patterns bring magic to her works.


She is a member of The Artist Union of Romania.

She is a member of D.Fleiss East West Artists – Stuttgart, Germany.

She has been awarded with The Award for Young Artists, 2005, by The Artist Union of Romania.


Participant in many International Art Symposiums abroad and in Romania. Has artworks in many private art collections abroad and the home country.

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