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Andrei Bondarenko is a contemporary Ukrainian artist who works in the field of abstract composition. He is educated as a financier. Graduated with honours the Kharkov Financial-Economic University.

Andrei has never visited any artistic educational institutions. He obtained all his knowledge and skills owing to his unique ability for independent education. As a self-taught artist, for a few years of artistic self-education, creative investigations and experiments, he managed to create his unique, individual and specific easily recognizable style.

While making his pictures, he has used various materials and techniques including drawing, painting, acrylic pouring and photograph. Knowledge of physics, chemistry, mechanics also help him in his creative work.

He creates his abstract compositions using artistic methods of constructivism, introducing new author’s principles.

He creates abstract constructions which are more than paintings, but complicated art structures having impressive visual attractiveness of elements, amazing tectonic formations, form variety.

Andrei’s fascinating, bright, fantastic colourful abstractions are a specific world, special medium presenting onlookers with unforgettable impressions and positive emotions.

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