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Originally from England but now living in The Netherlands, I’ve been working with digital art for about 8 years. I started with Photoshop, which I learned by reading and playing with it at every opportunity. My sense of humor and affable nature often spills into my work, a lot of which I produce, I would describe as 'quirky' - as do many of my Facebook and Twitter followers (under my pseudonym, Strangecarrots).

  More recently, I have discovered the joys of creating fractal images, Mandelbulb3D in particular. The fun of exploring these strange wonderful worlds within the Mandelbulb software is both compelling and addictive at the same time. One becomes Indiana Jones, exploring weird landscapes that can turn into something completely different at the touch of a button. Some of these require a finest touches. 

Needless to say, perfecting a digital Fractal work can take hours of patient exploring and then more hours of patient fine tuning. When it works out, then I know it was worth the time and effort! 




In 2016, StrangeCarrots made it to print : thanks to the organizers of "2016: The First Berliner Art Book" I had my own page with the write up below!
A wonderful book for which I feel quite humble to be included in with so many fabulous artists displaying their own artistic talents.

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