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Hi! My name is Angie Hernandez Lavin, I was born in Mazatlan, Sinaloa, Mexico, in November 1989. My mom brought me to live in Tijuana since I was a baby, so basically I can say I’m from this city that I like so much. Tijuana is the border with San Diego, United States, and is also a city very transited by a lot of people from all over, which means that I grew up in a great multicultural atmosphere. This affected all the areas of my life and definitely contributed to my work as an artist. thanks to this cultural richness I was more interested in knowing about the world, different languages, places, traditions, styles, stories, etc …and all of this has brought into my life, a beautiful visual education that I try to represent in my work.


I started making art since I can remember, I always loved to be a creator in every way I could, but my actual artistic work, mostly painting, started when I was studying the career of graphic design. I had several classes that made me experiment with different styles and techniques, and ended up having a lot of fun and loving every new thing that I learned. That’s when I decided that art was a path worth pursuing.

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