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Angus is a self taught abstract expressionist artist from Lancashire in the UK.
Having received the message at school that he could not draw, he spent many decades believing that he had no artistic creativity. It took a crisis and epiphany to realise that this was not so…..
As a self taught artist, he has found abstraction a place of freedom and possibility, painting with or without meaning and aiming to make expressiveness and creativity the very heart of his practice.
Seeking to rely on intuition to bring about what is pleasing, he is open to, but not reliant on ideas from outside sources. Whatever he paints, his aim is to keep in mind the goals of being creative and expressive.
Angus works primary in mixed media (watercolour and acrylic) on paper.
In order to avoid preconceptions and allow the viewer to form their own meanings and interpretations, he identifies his works by number rather than name.

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