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Wandering between figurative and expressive art.

Most of my pieces are figurative, but I do wander to more simple, and sometimes abstract pieces to get the results I want, or create a message that does not have clear-cut bounderies. I paint what I see, feel or fear, but also what I envy from other people or inviroments.

My art background is not one with awards or much attention in general.

I finished school doing art, color and art history. I did realisticc portraits for a small gallery from 2002, before quitting art all together in 2005. I got tired and uninspired from schooling and portrait-painting; -«pushing pieces» without room for personal development or expression. It was just a task, nothing else.


I spent the next thirteen years working with interior design, color and costumer service but turned ill in october 2019. Too sick to work and too tired to get out from my home, my children inspired me to get into art again. They enjoy creating. «Copying a photo or an artpiece is great practice, but if that is all we do, what are we but a bad copy-machine?» And they are right.


This long break has left me a bit rusty. I find this an advantage now that I have to find my way again, learning how to break out and do this thing of mine a little better every day. And if my health do not improove, hoping I have something to keep me strong in the future.

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