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Imagine a little girl with a red dress and red bows somewhere in Kishinev, Moldova. There I
was born and raised until I came to Israel at the age of 17. I was polite, hardworking and
serious girl reading books day and night, playing piano and doing everything in order to
please my parents and Russian education. This girl still exists in me: sometimes she calms me
down and more often than not influences the choice of my life goals. There is also another
side to this girl (what Freud would say about it?), another character trait trying to break out:
Creativity with burning love for colors, aesthetics and Life itself. This is Anna – Anna the
I get up daily for my orderly work at the university. With two academic degrees in the
therapeutic professions I relate to my job seriously. It gives me contentment and
satisfaction. But sometimes the routine causes my creativity to explode inside me bringing
out the tsunami of unstoppable restlessness. Or more accurately saying, I can’t stop painting.
My paintings are open windows to my soul (well-worn but accurate metaphor that worked
for the good and many before me).
They are spots where I can dance as if nobody can see me there.
 I am so glad you are here and I’m grateful to you for giving me the opportunity to share with
you another side of me.
People asked me why I didn’t choose to be a realistic painter?
I think this question as interesting in connection with all the information I bring up here with
full honesty.
In everyday life I’m realistic. I follow the rules, obey the conventions. In my art I cannot be
bound! It’s a different continent.
It’s a different Universe. This is the place where my soul breaks all the boundaries. I hold on
to the paintbrush and take off!
Colorfulness, free movement and harmony fill me up!
 I called myself “orderly” before, so I would like to add that I’m 48, married to Yakov my
beloved husband for 26 years; loving Mom of two extraordinary children Nathanael and
Shaked who taught me how to break through my inner barriers better than any instruction
I love my family more than Life itself!
 I love literature, music, traveling around the world, pretty things, good food. And my family
again and again!
My favorite pastime is hosting friends and family serving delicious dishes as nicely as possible
tailoring it to everybody’s taste.

I paint almost 10 years. I work in the dining area of our house with piles of paintbrushes and
tubes of paint near me. A Painting and Me. I keep painting hour after hour but who counts?
I am a member of WAG (World Art Games) Israeli Group, my paintings are displayed in
several galleries in Israel (and for the first time I was blessed with the opportunity to display
my works in Hansford And Sons Emerging Artist Platform.
I’m happy to be here. I hope you will have fun and enjoy my paintings.
                                               Love, Anna

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