I live in Sweden in a town called Tyresö I started painting for 1 year ago, my mom was an artist and past away and I inherited her artist material so I thought about testing to paint and I got stuck for it.


“When my mother was in hospice, she called in the nurse and said - who is responsible for the art at this hospital! Only art is so depressed that you can die just by looking at it :) Mom said if you start painting sometime then paint art that makes people happy”


I never paint only one painting, but usually three pieces at a time. I never know what motive I should paint, only paint completely on emotion.

The motif grows in the meantime.

Nature is fantastic in Sweden so my paintings are characterized by all the colors I see in nature and in flowers. I prefer to paint flowers, sea sky, and nature.

Nature gives us energy then the colors of nature are absolutely incredible.

Comment of a buyer: Your paintings are so fragile painted and give a feeling of Mary Poppins.


I've only had one exhibition in Stockholm since the corona came to Sweden. But have plans for a new exhibition next year

My paintings are also sold at Inzpero in Scandinavian as posters and I'm the artist of the month there.

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