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Annah Lot Nkyalu is a self taught visual artist working in different mediums especially blue ink (pen). She was born in Iringa (Tanzania) in 12th April 1997. She took her primary to secondary school education in
Iringa and university education in Kilimanjaro (both in Tanzania) taking education faculty. She started drawing since she was young in primary school but she took the career seriously when she was in her ast
year in the University (December 2018-2019).

Her art movement started on 2019 as In the year 2019 she participated in an event showcasing she artworks in Dodoma called EVENT YETU. In the same year she participated in the INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY EXHIBITION AT THE IRANIAN CULTURAL CENTER ON MOVE. Also in 2019 she went in Zanzibar where she got more exposed in art especially painting, There she saw different works of art which inspired her a lot to start painting. This is the time when she faced her fears in using different
medium and she attained freedom in art. In 2020, Annah participated in the exhibition held for upcoming artists held by the BELGIUM EMBASSY. Currently Annah is a member of different artistic groups like Vipaji foundation VF and Tanzania fine art TFA. In the year 2019 she was the winner of YOUNG UPCOMING COMPETITION AWARD held by TFA formerly TFAF.

Annah believe art is a miracle; for it's the creation of wonders out of the blankness just like the awesome creations of GOD. She is always amazed by her own works, and hopes that her works brings hope and change in others who sees it.