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I am a self-taught intuitive artist based in Sweden, working with what feels right and free for me. I have a curious mind like to challenge myself and develop my skills, but what most important for me is to communicate truth. I like to paint everything that symbolizes life, harmony, joy, source of creation, and sacred feminine energy. I use my intuition to sense, get visions, messages from the Soul to express the truth of my Heart in the form of art. 

I love nature, animals, our planet, and finding everything to be connected. I do enjoy quiet time with myself, meditation, contemplation, connecting with my Soul, love to read books, and to write too. I wish to bring healing to others, awakening, and helping to discover who they truly are.​

I was always creative, painting, and creating crafts since I was a child, but seriously stepped on the Path of Artist in 2016 as a response to my long soul's longing. I grew up in Ukraine, life wasn't always easy there, but I developed a positive approach to life and many other talents along the way. I always have had a thirst for self-discovery and growth, which led me through many transformational life journeys. I used to dance professionally and perform, gained a master's degree in economic cybernetics, because at that time it was a way to gain financial independence for me, so I've built a successful career in the IT world, but it never satisfied the thirst inside my Soul. I traveled solo around the globe, became a yoga instructor, started teaching yoga, but my soul always knew that I wanted to paint. I've visited many famous art museums and galleries all over the world and saw countless masterpieces. I was drawn to the art with my whole being. That's how my "remembering" was slowly happening and my being was slowly melting into it, merging with forgotten pieces of my Soul. There was a knowing - "I must paint". And so it began. I started drawing and taking pictures of other pictures just to give it a try and to "exercise my muscles". But the Voice inside pushed me forward and wasn't satisfied with me playing small. Somehow I knew that I am destined to paint masterpieces and really affect the world in a meaningful way. My trust and intuition led me to take art classes to learn more. But the biggest breakthrough and freedom I experienced when I started taking classes from an incredible artist Astor Muradov. I started creating madly days and nights on my own, allowing the Vision to lead me. Pure flow. I was called to tap into Space within. Be silent. And listen. And trust trust trust. There is a knowing that art that flows through me is of the highest form of Truth. And I am deeply honored and grateful for this gift. I do know that paintings are born not out of me, they are out of Higher. I am just a vessel, a communicator of what wants to be expressed in the world of form. 

My paintings are situated in private collections in Ukraine, UK, the US, and Sweden. I invite you to explore my art gallery, listen to your heart, what it speaks to you. I hope you find inspiration and nourishment for your Soul.

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