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My name is Anne-Lee Andersson and I am a self-taught artist from Sweden. I grow up at the west coast where the landscape is very beautiful.

My inspiration comes from many different sources and I paint with acrylic on canvas often very abstract art and different kind of mixture. I alter with 3 to 4 paintings at the same time.

I think the paintings are quite varied and I never know exactly what's going on to appear, letting emotions, inspirations and intuitions create the magic

Surrounding to whatever wants to percolate to the surface.

In order to feel good and living a healthy life, I have to express my self by painting, eat healthy food practising yoga and meditate. Music is also very imported.

 I like to meet new people to learn and get new experience but need a lot of lonely time to reload my battery.

My beliefs are that the Universe will open the door for us when we are ready to interact. My hope is that my art will give you something beautiful to interact whit your soal, peace and harmony.