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Annisa Darder Is a self-taught Belgian artist currently residing in Bruges Belgium.In 2019 she embarked on a full-time artistic journey now she is ready to show her work.With freedom and self-love as a focal point, her work is heavily influenced by spiritualism, astrology, empathy, and mysticism.Using a wide range of media Annisa's surreal and abstract paintings invite her audience into the dream world and the collective subconscious.

Artist statement

One day I realised dreams are stories waiting to be told.I want to make the viewer aware that while we sleep our subconscious leads a separate life and it wants to connect with us.I want to motivate my audience towards fearless exploration and expression of the inner being.This is, in my opinion, the definition of true freedom.

Upcoming Events

M.A.D.S. Milano: International Contemporary Exhibition "Breakout" 17,07,2020 - 31,07,2020

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