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I was born in Morgongåva, in a small town in central Sweden and studied in painting four years Stockholm and Västerås in the '90s and now lives in Sätra Brunn for 20 years. I have my studio on a small solitary farm outside Sätra Brunn, I live there with my husband and my cats and a dog. Being on an online platform for artists is optimal.
We have 6 children and they have taken a lot of time out of my life and I have been working with textiles for years because it is easier to combine with caring for children. I have designed clothes and worked with textile print. The children have now moved away from home and now I paint only, I have put all the textile work aside.


• 2 Separate exhibition in

-Morgongåva library
-Gallery Fribergers Sätra Brunn
• 2 group exhibitions together with artist colleagues
- Gallery HG Stockholm

-Agueli Museum Sala

• 2 jury-judged group exhibitions at Västerås Art Museum

I am inspired by artists such as Eva Hesse, Francis Bacon, Edward Hopper, and Torsten Andersson.

Working mainly in oil on canvas with mostly half-abstract images that as far as possible should be universal. Each painting is like a wrestling match up to the right colors and shapes. When you finally win, there is deep satisfaction and it is the one that makes life meaning in me.

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