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From conductor to a creator, Anthony Boone is a multimedia artist based in and native to Jersey City. Boone is known for using unique and unifying materials that create an otherworldly visual experience. Some of Boone’s many mediums include wood, dirt, oil paints, pawprints and whatever feels right at the moment. Boone uses emotion to dominate his canvas and goes beyond the stars as the mixture settles to create a foreign textured terrain that radiates vibrancy and detail, and in turn, brings the canvas to life as if looking at a magnified mystical organism. Evolving past the boundaries of a frame Boone has expanded his work creating sculptures, and fashion. During the years of observing and absorbing the textured scenery of his surroundings as a conductor, it has greatly influenced Boone’s approach to creating art. Taking distorted and reusable pieces of the railroad and turning them into almost unrecognizable sculptures. Drawing inspiration from his family Anthony is no stranger to a brush, as he often helped his father contracting business on various jobs, and was always keen on his mother’s seamstress creations. Cultivating artists and entrepreneurs from all over the community to make art and artists more accessible to the community. Boone’s most recent solo exhibition, “The art of movement” at Base Gym, in downtown Jersey City, featured entrepreneurs from all over the community woven together to bring an experience curated for the community by the community. The event combined sight, sound, smell, and touch for and all around stimulating experience. Boone says, “I want to use my platform to help other entrepreneurs achieve their dreams. I believe art is for everyone,” Boone’s vision for the future is to have Boonartlife Co. become a global lifestyle intended for all walks of life.

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