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Born on January 16, 1984 in the city of Barcelona, ​​Spain, he is the first-born of the relationship between Ana María, a young Hispanic-Colombian, and the Valencian artist Arif Linde (Eulalio Antonio Linde Bertomeu).
From a very young age, Arif began to call the future Antonio "Sai" due to the great similarity of his curls with those of the Hindu saint Sai Baba; When he grew up, Antonio adopted this as his stage name, although the look of yesteryear no longer accompanied him.

Sai grew up with his brothers watching his father paint in one of the rooms of the house on duty, since due to Arif's endless struggle to find the perfect place for his art, far from noise and close to the best natural light, Many times they changed both home and city and even country; in fact, from 10 to 20 years Sai lives with his family in Italy, mostly in Matera, but also in Brienza and Rome.

From a very young age, this artist enjoys painting all his time and at the end of middle school he enters to continue his studies at the Artistic Lyceum of the city of Matera. At the age of 19, he started the Academy of Fine Arts in the city of Rome, but due to the urgency of having to work to support himself, he ended up leaving months later.

For many years, he struggles to earn money with all kinds of means, leaving art aside but, being within it, years later ends up stronger than before. First she began to draw pictures of her little daughter and then adding moments to paint even stealing time from sleep to do it in the early morning

Sai begins to publish his drawings and paintings on his various Instagram accounts, but it is during the quarantine imposed by COVID-19 when his artistic production skyrockets and the public's interest in his works begins to show. His first international appearance is in a Chilean magazine, then he is summoned to be part of the well-known ART MARBELLA Fair through the VAN GOGH ART GALLERY gallery and subsequently enters the HANDSFORD AND SONS EMERGING ARTIST PLATFORM team.

He currently lives and works in Barcelona with his second wife, he has 2 children and he will never stop painting since he is an artist who is emerging from the ashes with volcano force.

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