Antonio began drawing at an early age – as all children do –and since then he hasn’t stopped making art. When he was 15, he had his first solo art exhibit, and today he is a widely recognized artist. Some think of him as obsessed with either nuns or exotic dancers. Others place him as a reinterpreter of Holy Baby Jesus. All of them know his paintings are colorful and his strokes are daring and broken up. They blend Art History with Pop Culture.

Antonio’s smile is his most prominent feature. It is both wry and mischievous. It conveys energy and fun. Add his gaze – which is a bit harsher— and you will realize that Antonio won’t tell you the whole story, or at best you won’t be able to tell what is true and what is not. His facial expression is a warning as well: Antonio is never afraid of pushing the envelope and challenging. His art is proof of that.

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